Monday, 13 June 2011

365 - 163 Clearing space

I'm still sorting and going through stuff to make my new craft room look neat and tidy.

Yesterday I tried to paint a page in my journal. Of course the paint didn't come through, like it never does so I tried a brush. Didn't work. Added water. Didn't work. I couldn't even mix the paint up. So I chucked them. All of them. Some are nearly empty after I've scratched the paint out under a lot of swearing but now they are gone. And the best thing is the little storage box I got from Daddy Monkey to store those stupid things is the right size for my small bottles of Golden fluids.

Another weight lifted...


  1. Oh those annoyed me so bad...GRRRRR. I had a couple of them that were lost in our fire. I think I always just took the lid off and used a brush too.

    Glad you got the weight out of your space!

  2. yeah for purging. Mine have been a bit better and I do like the metal tin storage box too.