Tuesday, 7 June 2011

365 - 157

It's been some time... Lots of drama happened. I'll tell you about yesterdays. We're having some work done at our house including bathrooms which requires the plumbers to turn off the water at times. Once they are finished they turn it back on again. Except yesterday they couldn't because some bit broke off the stop cock. So they called the water board who came and blamed the builders which turned into an heated argument which spiked the interest of passing police... *sigh* In the end the water man couldn't fix the problem and had to call some other guys who arrived in the middle of the night and dug up the pavement to start and fix it so that we at least have running water again. Now why the pots and buckets you ask? Well, once they turned on the water it became apparent that there's a problem in the upstairs bathroom which caused the water to run through to the bathroom below it. Hence Daddy Monkey distributed all those things (including one of the good towels?!) to catch the flood. At midnight. And still no water in the morning. It took another hour until we finally got water again.

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  1. Well that made for a lively day. Hope all is fixed and back together soon!