Saturday, 25 June 2011

365 - 175 Organizing

Now that I got my room back all newly decorated I want it to look neat and tidy. I took all the magazines apart that I had accumulated over the past 5 years and only kept the pictures and articles that are of interest to me. These I put into two folders and a spiral book. Now Mrs Wookie thinks that I won't look at these anymore than I did at the magazines. But I figure even if I don't I can always throw them out at my next big clear out. Maybe I do need to challenge myself to take out a folder and pick something to do every week?

I tried to keep it really simple, techniques to try out and photography and photoshop tutorials in the folder, nice pictures in the spiral book. At first I tried to come up with a detailed system on where to put the pictures but then I just glued them into three categories, colour, handmade books and everything else. Nice and simple. Then I added a label on the outside and an index for one of the folders. Of course as soon as I thought I had finished it all I found another magazine folder hiding upstairs pretending to be business magazines. Now I have to get those into the folders too, so I'll see immediately whether my system of sorting or lack thereof works.

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