Thursday, 16 June 2011

365 - 166 Collective nouns

I really, really love the way the English have created a collective noun for every thing.

Recently I found a website gallery that sells prints illustrating a few collective nouns. A murder of crows is my favourite. Well, there are many more I love, I mean who couldn't love an implausibility of gnus? A blessing of unicorns? A parliament of owls? Here are loads more to enjoy, including a few that should be. A stack of librarians gets my vote any day. I really enjoy reading those, there is nothing like this in German. This is highly unfair. Maybe I should start my own petition for German collective nouns? Ein Mörder von Krähen.... hmmm sounds like a bad case of animal cruelty, maybe better leave this to the English language.


  1. That is among my favourites too - my absolute favourite though is a parliament of owls ;-)

  2. Well it gave us something to do... ;)

    A Parliament of Owls is wonderful and I think should have featured in a Harry Potter book don't you?