Thursday, 8 April 2010

Art quilt

I signed up for a Lucky Dip swap and decided to make another Mixed Media Art quilt. I really enjoy doing these even though they always end up wonky and completely different to what I thought when I first start. I only ever start with a rough idea of what I want to create, like a colour way or a feeling. I do like blue and green it has to be said, so my pieces very often end up in those colours. Well, as luck has it at the moment I'm working on an art quilt that actually includes pink! Now that's shocking to me too but I couldn't find a second background piece of fabric so I had to take what was on hand. On both quilts I used a baby wipe. I normally clean brushes with them or paint straight from the bottle. I added a little spritz of a colour spray and that's it for backgrounds. Throw on a few embellishments, add some meaningful words, a way of hanging it up, add some sparkly thing, try to take some off again, try and hide where things were taken off and sew on the Chinese tassel from Hongkong and voila! A piece of art!

1 comment:

  1. This is absolutely beautiful!!! I love it!!! That's my favorite color so probably why I like it so much!!!!