Wednesday, 28 April 2010


On Monday Big Monkey's new after school club started. She'd decided to do drawing club. A very good choice I thought, I would have loved to do something like that. Her first choice sewing club clashed with her swimming lessons. Anyway, it ends at 5pm and in the hope that Little Monkey doesn't fall asleep that late I promised him a trip to the park before picking her up. A new park with a new playground. There's one sort of on the way and every time I drove past I thought I take him there, it looks lovely.
I told him and he agreed that it would be nice to see a new playground. We drove there, he fell asleep on the way, I found change in the depths of my bag to pay the pay-and-display and we wandered there. NO! Little monkey said, the moment he saw the playground. No. No. No.
It was a really nice park with a climbing frame with wobbly bridges, slides and steering wheels. Swings of course and even wobbly little rid-ons. Would he go on anything? No. We had to wander round the whole playground two times before he went in and looked at the count-the-shapes-board.

I was disappointed but at least it wasn't difficult to get him away from there. He happily ran off again to find the car. And we had some fun swirling the sun cream and umbrella round on the little round-about until they got dizzy.

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  1. Maybe next time - now he knows nothing dangerous happened to the sun screen and umbrella... :)