Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Beetroot Chocolate Cake

After all that chocolate that the Easter Bunny brought we felt the need for more er chocolate. So we baked a cake with beetroot and chocolate. After the success of our carrot cupcakes the other week I thought I give vegetables another chance to prove themselves in a dessert. We used a fairly simple recipe that didn't ask for any exotic ingredients like some form of cheese. In my opinion cheese has nothing to give to a cake. I know, I know quark is strictly speaking cheese too but that might just about be the only exception. But then I previously did think this about vegetables too so I might change my mind about that. Feel free to invite me for cheese cake...
Now our beetroot cake, it was slightly disappointing. I was expecting a really deep red cake that would scare the faint of heart. (like daddy monkey) But alas it looks just like any chocolate cake. Wonder whether that's why some recipes asked for red food colouring? That would be so cheating, hence a big no no! The taste, however, was delightful. Well, to be honest I only thought that after I've eaten half a piece. At first I tasted the beetroot quite strongly and it certainly has added fibre and crunch. Shows you, never give up on chocolate... The cake might benefit from a pad of ice cream on the side... Big monkey, however, didn't like it! She's given up too early. Ah, she's still young, she hasn't learned the never-give-up-on-chocolate-mantra. Still I think there might be something with those vegetable cakes. Although I'm not totally convinced that it isn't all a ruse to serve you something healthy while you expect a treat. Maybe I should try another recipe. Anybody have one for fennel? I'm also considering that cookbook mentioned in the Able and Cole newsletter a fortnight ago.

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  1. Okay, I'm wondering if we call beetroot just plain old beets over here. This recipe fascinates me. Can you share?