Thursday, 22 April 2010

The good weather and various things going on kept me from the computer so it's only today that I get round to upload the photos from our trip to the farm and bed shop.
They are next to each other so it was a necessity to go and see the farm after we've been to the shop.

The bed shop was the cause for the complaint letter I'd received and when we arrived we had to admit the note was not unreasonable. All the beds were raised and they included slides, turrets, desks and hide outs. I want one too! Who can I complain to?
Little monkey himself preferred the red fire engine with the steering wheel of course. It was easy to convince him with the slide though. It was steep and because of the store flooring he whooshed down and away as fast as never before... We will have to have carpet to stop him, never mind the burns but he'd slide out of the room otherwise! Still, he is too small and he got the basic version which is only raised a little off the floor. I'm not sure how good that is as an incentive to move from Mummy's bed but it's as good a try as any. I might get a steering wheel for the bed. In a few years we will be able to buy an extension kit to raise the bed up and include a slide, a hide out, a look out and various hooks and bags, maybe a black board too.
Next the farm, I would have preferred a garden centre but I was overruled by the monkeys. It's mainly a big playground now, the animals are only a side point nowadays.

They have ride-ons, an enormous sand pit, a big adventure playground. And diggers! Little monkey loves diggers, so he couldn't be side tracked, where ever we went to try and divide his attention he always came back to the "di-ga", what can one do, one pound less and a happy little monkey!

Note, however, big monkey's stance! She was not happy that she wasn't allowed to pull the levers. Little monkey wasn't able to pull them himself but no amount of arguing would convince him otherwise. It took him a while to realize that he wasn't able to move any sand without help.
I got a chance at a garden centre after all, we managed to dash into the biggest garden centre I've seen in a while. Unfortunately we only had 20 minutes to closing time. It would have taken me longer to find my way round so I didn't even go to the plants just bought a few pots and three lupins that sort of bullied me to take them home. They did look needy for a home, all alone next to the pots... Yes, it was a good deed.

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