Friday, 30 April 2010

Haircuts and trees

I took Little Monkey to have his hair cut. He took his little stroller and pushed it happily. We even managed to get a seat in the front row at the top deck of the bus. This is the best place and Little Monkey commented every pot hole, corner, starting and stopping with loud giggles and squeaks. His happiness makes the price of a ticket really worth every penny. But I couldn't persuade him to actually enter the hairdressers. We had to run past it a few times before he walked in. It's a cool hair salon, they have lots of toys but you only get to play with them if you let the hairdresser cut your hair. This is a hard concept to understand. But doesn't he look cute with his new sticky up hair?
In front of my house grows an ornamental cherry tree. It looks pretty with all those flowers, right?

Last year the tree surgeons rocked up to trim the branches, which were reaching into my garden and the passion fruit plant tried to grow up on it. I was hoping they chop they whole tree down. I know, I know but this morning when I came to my car, it was spotty!

This is the roof after I've been driving for an hour and Big Monkey and I have removed a lot of petals from it already to occupy our time while waiting for the school doors to open. But to experience this tree at its full potential you have to wait until the not yet ripe cherries give the poor birdies upset stomachs! That's when it gets really, really nasty. The car is not a nice sight then.

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