Sunday, 18 April 2010

Courgette Chamomile Cupcakes

So, I've gone and made those cupcakes I've talked about so much. Of course I had to fiddle with the recipe a little even though the author was very stern and even emphasized the correct tin with the strongest of words. But there wasn't a crumb of ground almond in the house at all and in any case I don't like it anyway. The cupcakes just had to be a little less healthy. And the lemon that I found in the corner of the fridge hidden behind the big cabbage, that had seen better days too. Still it all turned out well. I even found a correct-ish bun tin that worked with the very cute red polka dot cases I bought. Thinking of it I could have bought the ground almonds while I bought these? Ah, next time. I tweaked the icing because of that old lemon but we have sprinkles. Yay! I've said it before and I say it again, you simply can not go wrong with something that's covered in sprinkles.
It's basically a simple recipe for cupcake with some of the sugar and eggs substituted with a courgette (that's a zucchini by the way for my lovely American friends)and the chamomile thrown in. It's more tense than otherwise but it's basically a health food. I mean healthy cake? What can be better than that.
I don't have a stone lion to pose my cupcake on nor chamomile flowers so that's the next best thing, it's that very cute little daisy like flower that bullied its way into my trolley last time I've been to the garden centre. I obviously had a premonition that I would need it for photo staging when I bought it.

Oh and the taste? Yummy, very yummy this time even big monkey thought so. Daddy monkey liked it until he was told of the Chamomile than he didn't like it anymore. Obviously as he is so traumatized by Chamomile tea. Little monkey didn't even try it as it obviously doesn't contain any chocolate therefore it's not worth his while.

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  1. They look just yummy and the sprinkles are the perfect touch.