Saturday, 10 April 2010

Scooter mayhem

Yesterday we finally got round to unpack little monkeys scooter. Boy, that was a surprise: it came in all its little pieces! Oh, dear and the instructions as usual were written by someone with a twisted sense of humour. Those illustrations kept the way on how to sort the parts of the screw that holds the wheels a tight secret. Hey, why tell me? I'm just the one who has to build that scooter... In any case I managed to construct the thing even with the squeaks and disappearing wheels and maybe the odd word for the swear box if we'd had one.
Good that it was another sunny day so everybody could have a go on various scooters. Little monkey was so happy about his big boy present, he dragged it around with him for the best part of the day. We learned that scooters don't drive well on the lawn and that throwing it down the steps is not such a good idea either. On the positive side we also discovered that I put it together well as nothing became loose and it didn't break either so other than the instructions its good quality. Grandpa made a good choice here!
In between the scootering I managed to get some gardening done. I found some more flowers. This discovery made me happy, for some reason these didn't come up last year and I'm sure they looked slightly different when I planted them, more whitish with stripes but I'm not really complaining. I like them. I'm not sure about their name, I call them snakeheads but I could be completely wrong here. Our lovely neighbour passed three little courgette plants over so we had to make a pot for them ready. We have now eight plants and are hoping for a bumper crop. You know you can use courgettes in cakes too.
Little monkey who sees me weeding all the time obviously thought he helps me a bit. The moment I finished planting the little courgettes and turned my back, one was already out and one leaf short. Not so great as it only has three yet. I put it back in but it doesn't look terribly happy this morning. Little monkey received a lecture about weeding and what are weeds and what are not. Again. Basically it goes, don't cut off (don't ask, whoever said toddler scissors only cut paper is plain wrong!) rip off or pull up anything. It obviously paid off. A little later he caught me cutting off a few dead branches from the Hydrangea. No, Mummy, NO! he told me with a serious frown.

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  1. Glad Little Monkey is telling you off for attacking a poor Hydrangea :) Yep that is a snake head fritillary, Fritillaria meleagris we've got some in our garden too.