Saturday, 24 April 2010


Little monkey discovered the joy of painting recently. He saw big monkey paint and when she left and the pots and brushes were left behind he saw his chance. He grabbed a brush and demanded paper to create a master piece himself. I'm glad he asked for paper and didn't just start. So far nothing got painted that shouldn't have. Fingers crossed it stays this way. Every day he painted pictures. And hands... and arms...

Well, that was so last week. This week it's all about water bottles. Water SPRAY bottles. When I resigned to the fact that my green bottle was taken I used a red one. How exciting, because what's better than one bottle? Two of course. We had to have discussions. Now we swap regularly.

On Monday the spray bottle had to come to the health centre for his eye test. Just in case they had plants that needed a boost. They didn't. Then we visited Missus Wookie. She has plants but also trains, which is better. So the water bottle got forgotten for a little bit. But not for too long.

The moment we arrived home, little monkey had to check out the garden and give the plants a little spraying. For the past week every morning and every evening and maybe a few times in between, just to be sure, he wanders round the garden. Singing water, water, water and sprays plants and big monkeys and patios and cats. At least it's not raining so all that spraying makes sense.

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