Monday, 12 April 2010

From the Monkey tree

Big monkey and daddy left Sunday for a trip to the Isle of Man. She took a few pictures.

They came home this evening with lots of stories, shells, pebbles, fudge and a can of Manx knobs... I'll take a picture of them tomorrow to show.
Meanwhile at the Monkey tree we did more of the No-cutting-of-flowers-lectures. They begin to make an impression. Little monkey now asks before he rips a flower out. I think it's progress, by the end of today we were down to asking and then actually doing as told. Several flowers were saved that way but a few bluebells didn't make it. They can take it though, there are loads of them already.
Then we had some fun with lentils. Now, me I didn't think that possible. But apparently I was very wrong. I left little monkey in the kitchen for a minute. My wrong. I was drawn back by hysterical giggles and little monkey emptying a bag of red lentils all over the kitchen floor. He then tried to hide that by pulling a chair over the mess. As it is one with a solid base it smashed those little red lentils up real good. What could I do other than get the hoover out. At first I didn't understand little monkeys cheering and clapping. But then I realised I normally only ever hoover when little monkey isn't at home. For good reason... soon little monkey tried to push buttons and turn knobs and feed it shoe polish out of a spray can. Sadly the hoover had to go back to its home very quickly.
One little monkey was very unhappy and tried to get over this by trying to climb up that very chair for a chocolate Easter bunny.
Oh, the mayhem that ensued for not being allowed chocolate instead of dinner.
I see lots of little orange dots on the floor...

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