Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter Eggs and more importantly she is here!

As is is so close to Easter we have decorated the sitting room for Easter. We're blessed with such a big selection of decorated Eggs we can put up two Easter trees. I put the plastic and wooden Eggs onto the tree that can be reached from the sofa. But it took me a while to find the other twigs so temporarily a few real eggs ended up on that tree. During this time an egg broke. As usual there are suspects. Both of them don't speak. Both were very interested. Hard to say who's to blame. The cat looked innocent enough and little monkey, well he always looks innocent in the kind of way that makes one think he did something he shouldn't have.

FINALLY - The long wait is over and on Tuesday evening the monkeys' cousin arrived with her family. It feels like big monkey hasn't slept since. They went off to play and they hardly stop. Since there isn't really a tradition for decorated eggs in the UK we have to be creative in where to get the dye for the hard boiled eggs. This year I found quite a selection in my larder. I've been stockpiling it seems. Anyhow the big monkeys were eager to help and we started to turn the kitchen into something out of a witches den. The smell of vinegar was overpowering.

As always none of the eggs take the yellow dye, one reason being of course that it is impossible to buy white eggs. But the red turned out so pretty that the eggs-that-were-to-be-yellow got coloured a nice red too.

I did however buy a box of specialty eggs that were naturally blue and green that included one white egg. They were also tiddly so they got a cute banderole design. I shall take pictures tomorrow but a few eggs are awaiting ears.

In the afternoon and with little monkey back from nursery we showed off the most important local point of interest. Yes! We took them to Clowntown! The Aunties, however, had to miss a bit of that and had to go and have a look at the selection of socks at the superstore next door.
More shenanigans of the monkeys tomorrow...

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