Monday, 19 April 2010

Tense cakes and quiet notes

Now, the cupcakes, they were dense rather than tense. Even though little monkey didn't like them for lack of chocolate they are now gone so they didn't really have to worry there. Thanks for Missus Wookie for pointing that out. I'm sure that made for interesting translations for the people who use computer programs to read this blog. Very funny, the English language often gets me like that.
This weekend I also received my first note of complaint from big monkey. I woke up to find a little letter saying I'm not happy, to Mum from monkey. Why, what? Apparently she doesn't like the thought that little monkey might get a bunk bed. A bit early considering he's only two and even a normal bed is a challenge for him. Nevertheless we have ordered a big boy bed in the hope that this might entice him to sleep in his room. I expect a fight.

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