Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Lucky, Lucky Monkey

This morning two parcels arrived, Easter presents from the Grandparents. Form the moment big monkey laid her eyes on them, she needed, NEEDED to know what was inside. She was delighted with everything. As it was sunny and warm today she had to put on one of her new T-shirts straight away. We played the new game and big monkey needed to put everything Hello Kitty in a special box.

She even was very happy about receiving a second scooter she got from Grandpa. I was worried she would do her teenager impression but no, she hopped around happily singing lucky, lucky. She tried it out straight away, she even tried to scooter on both at the same time. Not such a good idea but it had to be tried out anyway.

The good thing about the new scooter is that the handle bar go higher up than on her old one but the disadvantage is that it is not as fast. Considering that it will be the garden scooter, as she had decided and how small our garden is, I think that is an advantage.

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  1. Lucky, Lucky Monkey indeed! Your patio is bigger than mine tho' :)